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Tired of slaving away in the kitchen during special days and get-togethers? Let The Xacuti Company take the load off your shoulders!


Don’t break a sweat! We’re all about making your celebrations and get-togethers hassle-free and delicious.


Enjoy 5 unique Goan Xacuti variations, bursting with village-fresh flavours, the perfect party addition. Order in bulk today and savour the taste of celebration!

Local Organic Ingredients

Ingredients sourced from local Goan Markets

Prepared by Goan Women

Cooked with love!

Legendary Foods

Time-Honoured Culinary Techniques

Crafted Hygienically

Stringent Safety and Hygiene Standards

Age-Old Chicken Recipe, Xacuti!

From Our Kitchen To Your Table.

Introducing The Xacuti Co., your gateway to Goa's vibrant Xacuti flavours! Curated by two women Maria and Sheetal they brought together the culinary excellence of both cultures the Catholic and the Kokni.

We curate authentic Xacuti blends from across the entire breadth of Goa, capturing the essence of this exquisite dish. Collaborating with local spice vendors, we ensure every bite bursts with Goan heritage. Indulge in our diverse range of Xacuti variations, covering the rich culinary tapestry of Goa. Join us to redefine your Xacuti experience and celebrate Goa's gastronomic wonders.

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